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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Talk to me Tuesday: Sleepy

I seriously look and sound exhausted in this, but the bright side of all of it is that next week for my Crafty Monday post I'll be posting the finished Twilight stitch! I'm so excited for that you wouldn't believe.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talk to me Tuesday: Suit Up!

And not mentioned in the video, but to those who aren't on my f-list or haven't seen it yet - I am having a bookmark swap

Monday, September 21, 2009

Crafty Monday: Getting Over the Wall

I am not a runner (obviously, lol), but have heard the expression "running into a wall" so many times when it comes to running a marathon. Not only does it apply to marathons, but also on my current cross stitch project. This stitch is actually about 2,000 less stitches than my Luigi Largo, but I didn't get stuck with Luigi like I did with this one. I've been able to completely a few small projects (nice, short sprints), but the marathon is something else.

I hit the wall about two weeks ago. I just didn't have the motivation to work on my Twi-stitch at all and I just hated looking at it. I kept it in my cross stitch bag (that I take everywhere) and just waited and waited to be ready to work on it again. I'd look at it, sigh, then look away. Repeat. I did that for over two weeks. I thought I would never, ever finish it and it was useless to keep toting it with me everywhere.

Then last night something changed. It wasn't some big profound moment of YOU MUST WORK ON THIS STITCH, but it was something. I got out my stitch stuff, parked myself on the couch and started to stitch. I'm getting there slowly but surely. In about a week I'll have been working on my Twi-stitch for 2 months, and that is just too long for me. I'm going to finish this thing even if it kills me!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talk to me Tuesday: Flapper Style!

Just came to post something for Friday and realized I didn't post my ttmt, which is very surprising!!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Crafty Monday: The Three Inch Punisher

As I've talked about in my last 2 videos, I've been really excited about the Phat Quarter NSFW Swap. I got a giant head start on things and had my swap piece finished before the partners were even assigned. I'm really proud of what I did for the swap, so I wanted to show it off here, too.

The Three Inch Punisher

This small 2x3" stitch has over 2500 stitches on 22ct aida using 14 different colors including some very nice and sparkley embroidery floss. It just tickles me pink and makes me want to make another one for myself.

The Three Inch Punisher

Scan of The Three Inch Punisher

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Talk to me Tuesday: Dirty Stuff!

This Talk to me Tuesday is especially dirty and raunchy and not at all for the younger set (no really, it isn't). So sit back and be sure to turn down the volume and hide the screen if any kidlets walk by.