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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Trip to the Apothecary

This is the post that should have been done a long time ago. After I finished my y-front quilt I wanted to create a quilt using my own patterns, so I started designing. The very first pattern I ever did was this potion bottle, so I used that as the starting point of my quilt. I sort of liked how it looked, but I wanted the bottle to be all the way around the potion. I tossed around several ideas on what I wanted the bottles to look like and after a week of constantly designing I had 24 blocks.

When I was working on my y-front quilt, I found that by the end I was struggling to get more and different fabrics for it (35 blocks with 3 completely different fabrics in each). For my potion bottles, I took my time to find the fabrics. I printed out all of my patterns, went to Staples, and made all of my 5” blocks into 10” blocks. I got all of the 10” blocks done and put it away to work on at a later time, and just recently I finished my 5” blocks. I finished the two tops and sent them off to my favorite quilter, Shannon of Rock Creek Quilts.

I just got them back, so how about I quit talking and just show you the pictures? She did an amazing job and I’m simply blown away by how gorgeous it turned out. <3

A Trip to the Apothecary (smaller version)

A Trip to the Apothecary (small and large)

Gorgeous Quilting Detail

In the sun

Back of Small Quilt 1

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