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Monday, October 5, 2009

Crafty Monday: FINISHED!

I'd like to say something nice and eloquent about how it is rewarding to finish a big project, but I'm way past that point. I'm just relieved and excited and just HAPPY that I'm finished with this. The Twilight series is great. People who put effort into hating a book series can just suck it. They could be doing something more productive with their time, like actually reading. I really like the series (but don't care for the fandom), so it was pretty nifty to stitch the Twilight cover.

  • 8x12"
  • 24,320 stitches
  • 25 colors

Twi-stitch Scan

and the back
Back of Twi-stitch

The pattern for the Twilight cover is available here and patterns for books 2-4 are here

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