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Monday, January 25, 2010

Crafty Monday: 24 Hours of Stitching

I have an unfinished cross stitch project. This project has been barely touched since I started it in October. Yes, really. It is driving me crazy to not have it done, and guilt keeps me from starting any other cross stitch projects.

This weekend I finally decided to do something about it. Connie, who does the cross stitch section of about.com, shared this post which talks about a 12 hour Stitchathon. I thought it was a perfect idea and jumped right onto that bandwagon.

Of course, I forgot to consider my "getting carried away" trait. Like that time I only meant to make one or two quilt blocks for The Linus Connection but ended up with an entire quilt top, or that time I meant to make t-shirts for my brothers-in-law for x-mas but ended up making t-shirts for everyone, or when I was going to make just a couple of blocks for Batiks on Black and I made way too many.

So my 12 hour stitchathon turned into 24 hours. Most of them were largely unproductive. I'm not blaming the pattern, but blaming my inability to see certain letters clearly. I had the worst time trying to find certain letters in a sea of HKNHKNKNNNNKKKKHHHH. This resulted in slow stitching times and a wonderful hour where I picked out a crapload of stitches. Anyway, here is the video!

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