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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crafty Monday: First Corn

Everything you never wanted to know about First Corn!

I'm going to tell you a story that has spawned some awesome crafts made by friends of mine (sadly, I haven't made any because I suck). This is the story of First Corn and the most awesome vacation I've ever had. It was August 2008 and I was at Terminus, a Harry Potter symposium taking place in Chicago. As is the case with Harry Potter conferences, everyone was a bit silly and totally able to be themselves because they were around fellow Potter-fiends. With nothing else to do, Victor, Laci, Jenn, and I wandered into one of the "Craftable" activities to see what was going on. The current project was, "Make a Magical Feast." Victor was making corn and asked the question that changed the entire rest of the con for us.

"Did you guys ever play First Corn when you were younger?"

We all said that we had never played it and asked Victor to explain. He told us that First Corn was played like this: Corn is ingested during a meal, and one person challenges the other to a game of First Corn. The first person to pass the corn is the winner.

It all went crazy from there. We adopted corn names (I became First Corn, Jenn was Second Corn, Laci was Epic Corn, and Victor was Original Corn), we were Corn Eaters and drew Corn Marks on our arms (like a Dark Mark of the Death Eaters), and we told everyone about First Corn (The first rule of First Corn is that you tell everyone about First Corn).

169 183
171 143

As is the case with crafty people, it was only inevitable that there would be corn crafts, and in the last month I have been gifted with two insanely awesome corn-related pieces.

Laci's first cross stitch

Made for me by Sasha, aka Internets Corn

Made for me by Jenn

I love corn!
taken while visiting Jenn in Ohio at the end of May

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Stephanie said...

Omg, Shae- I totally have my Terminus Badge hanging in my room and grin every time I see "Never Corn"- THE EVILEST OF CORNS!