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Monday, July 26, 2010

Crafty Monday: This is Handmade

I think I'm going to start another Tumblr blog and all it's going to be is 5 minute videos of me or other people weaving, knitting, spinning, embroidering, sewing... whatever. If you can't sit through 5 minutes of mind-numbingly boring ass handwork, then you don't get to whine about how much it costs. Because we have to do this shit for hours and hours and hours and hours. Not even like 6 hours, more like 50 to 100+ hours. And really, it's just as boring for me as it is for the viewer. It really is. - Penny Nickels

This post was published months and months ago, but I thought it was an amazing idea. Two months after seeing the video, I recorded my own five minutes, and then another two months after that I uploaded the video.

Can't make it through mine? I don't blame you! Want to see other examples of super tedious artistry? Of course you do!

This is Handmade

Record yours today and submit it! Penny Nickels has one! And so does Jennifer Ofenstein, and Gigglymama! I know you want to be one of the cool kids!

Click here to see the full post about this awesome project including video rules and how to submit.

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