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Monday, July 13, 2009

Craft Monday: A new kind of craft!

For the last week I've had an idea for a nifty project, but the bad part is that the project needs to be embroidered. Since I've been cross stitching for a while, I decided I might as well tackle embroidery (plus, I've seen some gorgeous projects that have also nudged me towards trying it). The first thing I decided to stitch was the outline of the grumpy storm cloud on my twitter background.

I think he turned out really nice. The eyes and the rain drops are french knots (which I have used several times after learning how in the Owl Punch Needle) while the cloud, mouth, and lightning bolt are all done with the stem stitch.

Today I decided to do a really cute pattern from Urban Threads - the Skelefishy. I thought it was cute and simple. Because I still don't have transfer paper or proper embroidery supplies, I just used a light blue colored pencil to draw the design onto the fabric. The fishy was done with a backstitch, but somehow I couldn't keep the stitches the same length. I still need to learn a few more stitch types before I can continue on with my fun project idea, but I am looking forward to it.

Detail Shots
Cloud Close-Up Skelefishy Close-Up

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