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Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafty Monday: Frame Stand Review

As some of you may know I'm working on a cross stitch project that can only be described as "TOO FREAKING BIG." For this project I had to buy a 24" scroll frame and have hated it this entire time.

I have two problems with my scroll frame:
    1. The tension sucks - I cannot keep my fabric tight to save my life. The screws are as tight as they can go, but it doesn't help the tension. The horizontal tension is non-existant and lacing the fabric to the sides of the frame only helps a bit.
    2. It's heavy as hell - not only is it heavy, it's awkward to hold.

There is a solution for the second problem, and that's what I want to talk about now. A few weeks ago I decided that I really had to get working on my BAP (cross stitch terminology post for the n00bs) and decided to purchase a scroll frame stand.

The wait for it was long and hard, but I finally got a chance to get it set up and use it. I've only used it for a few days, but I've got some thoughts on it already and I put them into list form!

  • Can use both hands when I want to (I tried the one under the fabric and one over the fabric method just for fun)
  • No wrist pain
  • No awkward and painful moments where I accidentally smack myself in the face with the heavy wooden frame
  • Faster stitching

  • No fast way to flip it over to check the back
  • It is insanely difficult to start and stop in places. Any time there is a floss change I have to loosen one part and work on it upside down. I think I might be missing something (see the two photos below)
  • Awkward placement. I'm used to having my projects at a certain angle (directly in front of my face) and that angle is impossible with the holder.

It's super awkward to start and stop pretty much anywhere. I'm thoroughly convinced there is an easier way to do this without taking it off the stand. If anyone knows please enlighten me!

Final thoughts

For all of the bother this product seems to be giving me, I think it was money well spent. It's saving me the pain of holding a heavy frame and making me learn to use both hands, which is starting to seem like a good thing. I'd love to learn what other people do when they change colors (maybe something that doesn't take several minutes), but other than that I'm really enjoying it.


Orange Blossom Boutique said...

I don't have any ideas about easily changing thread, I just wanted to say Great Post, and product review.

Jennifer Ofenstein said...

That frame is some kind of impressive. Excellent review with great points. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Aukett said...

I have something similar and I used the loop method to start and when I finish I thread the cotton on the top threw the stitches as i would do it on the back. This saves me flipping it around or taking it off the frame.
If i start with a shorter cotton I used the same method I thread it threw the top stitches but been careful to make sure the colours match so they don't show threw.