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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Squee!

It's Spring time, so all sorts of yard work is going on. Just a few minutes ago my dad brought a teeny tiny little bunny in his cupped hands (this is the second time we've had a wild bunny around, not to mention that bunnies are always running around at night).


This bunny was different. He was the sweetest little bunny and didn't try to run away or anything. He wasn't scared (like the last one), and just stayed nice and calm even while we pet it. Obviously, we can't keep a wild bunny, so we took it out to the front yard (so the dogs won't get to it) and set it "loose" near some bushes in the front.

Me holding the bunny

Cute Bunny


For more Florida wildlife (or rather, animals that have come into our yard/house), see this flickr set

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