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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Hate Ants

Yesterday I took advantage of the nice weather and went outside (yes, really!!). I got a sheet and a book (alright, it was my laptop, but I was reading an ebook) and went outside to relax in the shade. I was outside for about 45 minutes before I decided to go back in the house (who knew the ground was so uncomfortable). Later I noticed I had an itchy spot. It wasn't the right time of day for a mosquito bite, but I just assumed it was anyway. Then it started hurting and itching at the same time. I realized that I very well could have been bitten by an ant without noticing. So there I am just hanging around the house with an ant bite on my bum. Yes, it bit me on the bum somehow. If you've never gotten bitten by an ant is it not a fun thing. The area turns red, swells up, itches, and then develops a pustule. Not a very fun experience at all. Oddly enough it reminded me of my high school graduation.

I had decided not to go to my high school graduation mainly because out of the 450 people in my graduating class I only knew the names of 2 people (I had been doing a program where my senior year took place at the college, so I attended both high school and college classes there without ever having to set foot in the actual high school and the few friends I had all dropped out). On the last day to reserve a cap and gown I decided that I did want to walk across the stage and get a diploma the normal way (related story: I went into my counselor's office to let her know I wanted to do the lame tradition and she got me confused with someone else. She told me I wouldn't be able to graduate and with my mother in France and all, it would be difficult to contact her to talk about it. After a moment's pause I asked her, "You do know who I am, right?" After giving her my name and her acting embarrassed she let me know that she was sorry for worrying me considering I would be graduating with high honors).

So the big day came, or at least the night before the big day came and I was too excited to sleep. I had slept almost the entire day before so I wasn't tired at all. I decided since the ceremony was at 8am I might as well just stay up the whole night. The ceremony was relatively short and I remember being hit with a beach ball 3 times in the course of it (during boring speeches there were about 10 beach balls being tossed around by the graduates). Once we got back home I decided to take a nap because I was exhausted. What I didn't know was that there were ants in my bed. Or rather, ants around my pillow. I ended up having about 5 ant bites on my right arm (3 of which turned to scars) and 2 on my face, effectively swelling my eye shut and making me look deformed on a night I should have been having fun.

I freaking hate ants.

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