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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*rolls eyes at "safe driver"*

I was just randomly browsing youtube not too long ago and came across youtube user safedriverpro. This person has over 20 videos of "bad" Ocala drivers. Why are they so bad? Well many of them pass this person and do regular driving type things. Sure they tailgate on the person, but honestly, I think this person purposely drives slow just to get people to tailgate and the like.

The person said in a comment that the only people that oppose to his channel are the aggressive drivers, so...yeah (I may have watched all of his Bad Driver Video series just to see if I was in there, lol). Anyway, the real reason I am posting about this is because he puts up reasons why they are terrible drivers and I couldn't contain my giggles at how dirty this one sounded. So here it is, road pr0n!

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