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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"That's different."

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How many have your name?

I've had almost 21 years with my name and I constantly go between loving it and hating it. The most popular thing I hear about my name is, "Oh, its so different/unique/strange/neat" or "That's a fun spelling" and "Oh, you spell your name differently." No, I don't spell my name differently, my parents did. If I got to pick out my name I might have chosen something a bit more "normal." I always hear the people who have normal names want something different and the people who have strange names want something normal, so its one of those 'the grass is always greener' type of situations (sidenote: just now someone came into the office where I work and when he saw my name he said, "Shae. Huh. That's different. Very stra-cool. Very cool."). When I was younger I used to think about changing my name, mostly after being teased about it constantly.

I go by both Lezli and Shae (my first and middle names), so it is always confusing for me and other people if I can't remember what I'd gone by before. Most of the time I use Lezli for business/banking/school things and use Shae with friends and family. I answer to Lezli, but 90% of the time I introduce myself as Shae. I think I'm pretty much going to be stuck in this limbo of liking my name and hating my name - as well as going by both.

It would be a giant headache to change my name, and most days I think Shae suits me just fine, but I would love to introduce myself without someone commenting on how different and unique my name is. Oh well, maybe in another 20 years when all of the Apples, Pilot Inspektors, Denims, Reign Beaus, and Rockets are older and out in the world my name may not seem so odd.

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