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Monday, May 11, 2009

Craft Monday: Punch Needle!

First off, apologies for missing Friday. I don't know where my head went, but I completely spaced it. It was a busy day (what with skipping the graduation ceremony for my associates degree and all), but I won't promise it won't happen again because I'm forgetful.

Anyway - today I'm going to talk about a relatively new (to me) craft. I've been cross stitching for a few months, and every time I went to buy cross stitch supplies the punch needle supplies caught my eye. I kept telling myself (and anyone who was with me) that I thought punch needle looked interesting and I wanted to try it. Finally a few weeks ago I did pick up punch needle with in the intention of making a birthday gift for a friend. I immediately liked it and got hooked. Unfortunately, I ran out of two of the different colors of the thread, and with the birthday fast approaching, I had to buy a different kit.

The other kit I bought was smaller, and seeing how it was my second punch needle project the finished product was a lot nicer looking. A few days later I did another punch needle, this time I sketched it myself rather than purchased a kit.

This is the first one I made, from the kit "Owl Always Be Your Friend" by Dimensions.
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Owls with flash Owl Close-up

The second, better looking punch needle kit was "Better Latte Than Never" also by Dimensions (both kits were supposed to have lettering on them, but I thought it was lame).
Coffee Punch Needle Coffee Punch Needle close-up

And finally, here is the one of my own creation - Captain Hammer's logo! It was really fast and easy, and done in just a few hours. Best of all, I listed it on my Etsy shop and it sold within about 10 minutes (thanks to a certain twitter friend). I'm quite proud of it!
Captain Hammer: Corporate Tool Captain Hammer close-up

I'm really loving punch needle, and hopefully I can think of some ideas for cool punch needle projects. If you have any fun and simple ideas, feel free to clue me in!

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Anonymous said...

Ok so I have never seen this punch needle stuff until you started talking about it. It looks way cool! I'm glad you're doing the posting on here!