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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun Friday: Etsy Pimp

For this Fun Friday (okay, so it is past midnight, but that is only because I was furiously cross stitching) I thought I would pimp my Etsy shop. I've loved Etsy for a long time and have ordered a few things from various sellers. A lot of people have encouraged me to open up a shop and sell what I make, but I've always held to the belief that my creations are pretty crappy or that if I try to make something with the intention of selling it, it wouldn't be fun for me anymore.

As it turns out, I just wasn't doing the right craft.

A lot of my crafting time was spent trying to find people to foist my crafts on; which led to not doing so many crafty things. because of Etsy and cross stitching, I've done pieces that I wanted to do and thought were nifty. Listing them on Etsy takes away a lot of the anxiety of what I'd do with them after. Even if no one buys them and I keep having to re-list them, I still have the satisfaction that they are for someone, I just don't know who yet.

So far I've only got two kinds of things in my Etsy shop: pinback buttons and cross stitch projects. If I manage to try out some more crafts, check my Etsy, they might show up there.

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