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Monday, November 30, 2009

And I'm done!!

If you check your calendars I think you'll notice that today is November 30th, which means that November and NaBloPoMo is over! This month rushed by, but each day I did manage to post something.

The first seven days I did Pomegranate Week, the next set of seven I did Font Week, then I raved about my favorite reads for Book Week, and finally I posted random crap for the rest of the month.

Now I'll go back to the regular posting amount, but with the addition of "Filler Friday" which will be on any topic (not craft related for the most part). That way I'll be posting 3 times a week and not clogging up your RSS feed with my yammering.

1 comment:

Jennifer Ofenstein said...

I've been totally stalking your posts and will miss your themed weeks!