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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pomegranate Week: Day 4, Mirror Etching

Today's craft is actually an item that has been redone in the past. For a bit of backstory - mid 2008 I was redoing my room. I got new floors and painted the walls grey. All of my furniture was a boring brown. Instead of paying out the ears to buy new things, my dad got some black spray paint and painted everything. I also had some black pleather/vinyl around the house, so the cushions for my hope chest and vanity chair were covered with that. [vanity before painting | vanity after]

I thought my vanity could be even more awesome with the addition of a mirror decoration. I made a stencil, cut the image into some masking tape, applied the tape onto my mirror, and then painted lots of Armor Etch onto the mirror (my mom uses armor etch to frost glass beads). After waiting about 30 minutes (much longer than the instructions call for), I had a lovely pomegranate design on my mirror (which is impossible to take pictures of)

Like Monday, I have a video of me peeling a pomegranate. This one is more recent though. It was uploaded to youtube exactly a year and a day ago!

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