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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Week: Chicago Stars

This year I've actually been pretty horrible with reading (learning how to cross stitch has turned me into an audiobook junkie so I've only actually read about 70ish books this year), but I still have so many book series that I adore.

The first I'm going to talk about is The Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It is a contemporary romance series with 6 books (7 if you count the Bonner Brothers book, but I don't) that revolves around a fictional football team. I do not have an interest in sports, but after reading this series I actually wanted to watch football. The series is sweet and so funny (SEP is one of the most hilarious authors around).

I don't think I can really express how amazing this series is, but I can say that Nobody's Baby But Mine (book 3) is one of my most favorite books of all time. The covers below each link to an entry posted on my book review livejournal account. If you want to know what I'm reading it is the best source. Goodreads is only useful if you aren't constantly rereading or re-listening to books.

If you aren't in the mood to read a whole series but still want to give Susan Elizabeth Phillips a try, I HIGHLY suggest Kiss an Angel. Be careful, this book has the ability to kill you with squee.

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Aberforth said...

Ditto on Kiss an Angel. Just avoid Honey Moon. *shudders*