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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pomegranate Week: Day 5, Buttons

Thursday is always my long day (Right after work I leave for Orlando to go to class and don't usually get home until about 11pm, so I'm out of the house for more than 15+ hours) and because of that I never really get a chance to do anything. I decided that I wanted a quick, easy craft to represent Thursday, so I made buttons!

I love making buttons and they do have their own category in my etsy shop. If you'd like to buy buttons but don't know who to go to, I highly reccomend ofenjen. She makes lovely buttons and has several customized button listings.

And speaking of etsy, there are so many great pomegranate listings. I went through all 80 or so pages (because I'm a pomegranate fiend), and here are the items that I think are quite exceptional!

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