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Monday, November 23, 2009

Crafty Monday / Music Monday

I thought I would combine both Crafty Monday and Music Monday because this week I want to show off a craft that is inspired by one of the most amazing songs ever.

First off, the song - http://getonmyhorse.com/

After listening to this for many, many hours I decided that I must craft the awesome horse. I figured embroidery would be a quick and fun craft, so I got to working on it. I printed the horse design directly onto the fabric (super easy tutorial here if you want to try it) and started stitching. It was my first time using the split stitch and I think I'll be using that stitch much more often. it turned out very nice.

I think I had this project banged out in a matter of hours and it turned out very nice. I will definitely be doing more embroidery in the future!

Shut up woman, get on my horse

My Horse is Amazing

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