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Monday, November 9, 2009

Crafty Monday: Using Fonts

When I start liking a font, I use it on as many things as possible. When it comes to crafting, it'll most likely be seen on a t-shirt or a cross stitch. Here are a few fonts that I've used for both. The font name clicks through to where you can download it.

Red October
Zydrate cross stitch | Zydrate Shirt 3

Cooper Black
usually comes standard on a computer
Fire in the Disco! | Fiya in the Disco, Fiya in the Taco Bell (w/ flash)

Proud Hooker | We do the weird stuff

Also, since I'm a giant dork, I love the Harry Potter themed fonts. Here are two cross stitches that use Lumos and Parseltongue. I made a chart of the Lumos font a few months ago, but never had a reason to upload it; now I do!

Home Sweet Home Close-up | Proud Pureblood scan

Lumos cross stitch chart
lumos alphabet | lumos numbers punctuation

Note: Just realized that everything, with the exception of the two items done with the Red October font, in this post was a gift for someone else. :P

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Anonymous said...

I love the HP sampler!