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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pomegranate Week: Day 1, Camera Case

Hello and welcome to the very first post of Pomegranate Week! I'm actually very excited for the next week of postings, and also the next month of postings! That's right, I am going to be doing NaBloPoMo on this blog. Last week I did crafts relating to my favorite fruit/food/thing on the entire planet: pomegranates. Each day I'll post a new craft and an additional link/video/story relating to pomegranates.

Today's craft is something I have had posted for about a week and is what inspired me to go ahead with the week of pomegranate crafting: my camera case. If you've watched my Talk to me Tuesday, you know the story. I won't bother to tell you again, but I do like showing off the picture!

New Camera Case

The camera in the case for the picture above is my old camera. I had a lot of good times with that camera and it went a lot of places. It also took many wonderful pictures that I later messed with. Like the one below that I took a year ago; inspired by the Twilight book cover.


Stay tuned all this week for more pomegranate goodness!

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