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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pomegranate Week: Day 3, Pomegranate Embroidery

Today is one item that I'm especially proud of! To do this item I needed to learn something new: how to frame an embroidered item in an embroidery hoop. Not a hard thing to learn, but something that was a bit of a mystery to me. I didn't do anything fancy, just made sure the piece was secure and called it good. After all, the pomegranate embroidery is for me to keep, so I don't mind if it looks horrible from the back.

Pomegranate Embroidery
hanging from a branch of the pomegranate tree outside my bedroom window

I love to have pomegranate artwork and imagery around because I love them so much. I have a piece that I bought from Michaels (craft store) a few years ago, and a canvas print of Persephone holding a pomegranate that I bought at Dragon*Con in 2007.

Persephone by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Even if a person has never eaten or held a pomegranate in real life, they are usually familiar with Persephone and the story of the seasons. In the story she was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. One day while Persephone was out in a field picking flowers she was abducted into the Underworld. While she was there she made the mistake of consuming a few pomegranate seeds. Because of this she is forced to live in the Underworld for a few months out of the year, which became known as the winter season.
When Demeter and her daughter were united, the Earth flourished with vegetation and color, but for some months each year, when Persephone returned to the underworld, the earth once again became a barren realm. This is an origin story to explain the seasons. (source)

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