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Monday, November 2, 2009

Pomegranate Week: Day 2, Quilt Block

Welcome to day 2 of Pomegranate Week! Today I wanted to share a craft that I love and enjoy very much: paper piecing. Paper piecing, also known as foundation piecing, is a method of making quilt blocks. I first got into paper piecing because of Jennifer Ofenstein, who runs many amazing communities on LJ and is the genius behind Sewhooked.org.

I started paper piecing in 2008 and before I knew it, I was designing patterns. I even have a spot on the guest designer page at Sewhooked. I thought it would be fun (and really easy!!) to make a pomegranate paper piecing pattern.As I'm a big fan of free patterns, I did upload it here for anyone's personal use.

Pomegranate quilt block

And as a bonus to this post, I thought I would share the very first video I uploaded to youtube! It is a video of me peeling a pomegranate my way. I made this video on December 26, 2006 and at the time we still had dial-up internet (it would be another 6 months until the cable company finally responded to my constant letters and phone calls about getting high speed internet where we lived). So yes, enjoy my blurry video!


Chedder Fish said...

I can't listen to it with sound but watching you makes so much more sense than I've ever done it.

Do you eat the whole seed or spit out the shell kind of like a sunflower?

Shae said...

Definitely the whole seed. It would take so much time to eat the fleshy/juicy part of the aril and then just spit out the seed.